Today I wanted to share a round-up of what I actually included on our Baby Shower Registry because tbh I spent a TON OF TIME researching the best products and making sure I included not just wants, but the absolute needs for first time parents. When I first started looking it was a bit overwhelming because there are quite literally hundreds of thousands of baby products out there and if this your first rodeo (like it is mine), making sure you are properly geared can get pretty stressful.

That is why I enlisted the help of the amazing ladies in my life who are parents 3 and four times over to help me navigate through all of the cute but completely useless crap to find the diamonds in the rough that would make John’s and my parenting experience chic, sustainable and functional. I decided to register on Amazon because they offer first time parents some pretty cool incentives like discounts on items that don’t get purchased, diaper subscription discounts and a care package full of goodies when you sign up. With the amount of people that are Amazon Prime members, it also gave my guests the option to ship directly to my house for free. While I know Amazon is not the most sustainable company they are making steps to improve such as giving people the option to reduce plastic packaging and overall waste via their Frustration Free-Packaging initiatives.

While my first priority when creating our registry was necessity and function, I also tried to find the most sustainable options for each item to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, the third priority was the style and cuteness factor. You’ll notice I had basically ZERO clothes on there save for some plain white onesies, that is because I am doing my best to use hand me downs and shop second hand when it comes to baby clothes. That being said, I was honestly so shocked at how many cute and sustainable options there are out there for babies these days. My entire registry was filled with functional, sustainable and cute necessities to kick off our babies days on this Earth in style!


  1. The BabyJoy 2 in 1 Stroller is AH-mazing! It has a convertible bassinet which I love because so you can have your baby facing you or away from you. Plus it is fully equipped with tons of features like a 5 point harness, flexible rubber wheels suitable for rough terrain, a rain cover, bug net, ventilation system for air circulation, adjustable awnings…and it looks insanely chic.
  2. The 3D Lite Umbrella stroller is such an awesome lightweight and compact stroller for those days you don’t need a bigger option. It has a sun shade, plenty of storage and will be great for things like navigating airports, grocery stores and other errands.
  3. The Ergo Baby is apparently the bombdotcom because you can use it so many different ways. Have your baby facing you or away from you, wear it on your hip or back and it offers plenty of lumbar support. I also like that it is machine washable so it will stay clean.
  4. The Boba Baby Wrap carrier just looks so cozy and amazing and it can be used from birth. Since I plan on breastfeeding our baby girl I like the idea that it’s design offers privacy without covering her with a blanket like she is some kind of monster and keeps her extra snuggled in and close. I also like that it comes with a lifetime guarantee and it’s machine washable which means it will be durable AF and last until she outgrows it at 18 months.


  1. The Dock-A-Tot Deluxe is apparently the cats pajamas when it comes to a portable lounger. It provides baby with a consistent and familiar environment and is much more portable than a pack-and-play situation which is great because John and I are constantly on the go. It’s also apparently great for tummy time, co-sleeping and super easy to clean.
  2. The Colgate Eco Classica lll mattress is Greenguard Certified and eco-friendly. As a new mom I worry about things like SIDS and chemicals and this mattress addresses both concerns. It is made with eco-friendly foam, and exceeds all government safety standards. I also love that it has a dual firmness design which means it offers firm support for infants and then can be flipped to the softer side as baby transitions into her toddler years. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a waterproof organic cotton cover to help prevent stains from those leaky nights.
  3. Natemia Organic Cotton Crib sheets were a no brainer. They are GOTS certified, breathable, durable and sustainable. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Mom’s Love Muslin Blankets are super soft, made from 100% breathable cotton and a fun way to infuse a little style into your nursery. I opted for a cute flamingo print.


  1. Hello Bello is such an amazing company that focuses on sustainable and non-toxic living. I have used their Pre-Natal vitamins since I found out I was pregnant and they have been such a great company to work with. I opted for their diapers and wipes because they are plant based, non-toxic and even have super cute designs to boot! I know they are a bit more expensive, but considering the amount of them we will go through, I am willing to pay the extra price to help save the Earth.
  2. Pinxav diaper rash cream has such incredible reviews that I decided to start with this option and see how it goes. It can be used for multiple issues from diaper rashes, cuts and sunburns and is packed with natural ingredients like aloe vera, eucalyptus, and clove.
  3. Bamboo quilted changing pads from Blue Snail are awesome because they are eco-friendly, durable, waterproof and easy to clean and great for changing baby anywhere.
  4. The TwelveLittle Diaper Caddy 2.0 is so freaking functional it is unbelievable. I went to pack up my diaper bag supplies and there was literally a place for everything. I honestly had been eyeing it for a long time because it was cute and covered with Cactuses but then when I actually got my hands on it I was stoked about how well designed it is. It even has a quick access flap for diaper wipes. I also love that it is made with vegan leather.
  5. The Fawn Design diaper bag + backpack is the ultimate option for the chic mom on the go. It’s perfect for those days when I want to look like I have my sh*t together when I am heading to meetings and events with our baby girl in tow. I love the sultry black vegan leather and gold hardware, it is a great option for moms who still need to carry daily work essentials like a tablet, make-up bag etc and not just diapering supplies. I also love that it can convert from a stroller bag, to a messenger back to a backpack.


  1. Dr. Brown’s Bottles and Brushes come highly recommended by moms and pediatricians alike because they help prevent collic and gas, are durable and help prevent nipple confusion.
  2. Elvie Breast Pumps are the latest in breast feeding technology and I am so pumped to try them out ( sorry couldn’t help myself there). They can be worn inside your bra so they are hands free, wireless, silent and can be controlled and monitored with an app.
  3. Mam Mini Air Pacifiers are honestly not the most modern or chic looking pacifiers but they have amazing reviews (like 2,000+ reviews and 5 stars amazing) and come highly recommended for breastfeeding newborns because they fit snug against their faces, prevent nipple confusion and allow plenty of breathing room for babies. I originally had other pacifiers on my list that were super chic looking but the reviews talked about how they kept falling out of babies mouths and didn’t really work so this is honestly one of those times where function had to take priority over aesthetics.
  4. Playtex Sleep Nursing Bras are a great option for nursing moms because they are wireless and their sizing isn’t based around cup size. Nursing moms have told me how difficult it can be to figure out my bra size when my milk fluctuates on a day to day basis to comfort and flexibility is key here.
  5. As I get a handle on feeding my baby girl, I will eventually want to start wearing bras that make me feel a little more like a woman again and the Wacoal Nursing bra is perfect for doing just that. The lace trim is so beautiful and it offers incredible support and easy access for feeding. It also comes in a wireless option making it the perfect stylish and comfortable option for mamas.
  6. Organic bamboo nursing pads by KeaBabies because who wants to spring a leak in the middle of a meeting?
  7. Nipple + Lip Cream by Hatch is one of those items that isn’t on the Amazon registry but that I treated myself to. I love the Belly Oil and have had such good luck with zero stretch marks so I figure that their nipple cream will be just as good. Plus I love that they use 100% clean ingredients.
  8. The Inglesina fast table chair is so awesome! John and I had the opportunity to road test this when we watched his sister’s kids for a few weeks and it was so convenient and such a great space saving option.
  9. Muslin burp clothes because who wants to get spit-up on their clothes?
  10. Boppy Nursing pillows are supposed to be such a lifesaver on those sleepless nights where you are breastfeeding your baby and looking for a little extra support.


I couldn’t help but add a few items that would bring a smile to my face when I saw them like fashionable board books, a eco-friendly rainbow toy and a rufflebutts flamingo swimsuit. As important as it is to be prepared in this whole situation, it never hurt to live a little and do our best to enjoy the ride! xx