Looking for ways to create a more eco-conscious kitchen? You are in luck! There are so many chic and simple swaps you can make that will help you reduce your carbon foot print without sacrificing your stylish ways.

HOT TIP: Just remember, when starting your journey to a more sustainable life it can feel so overwhelming, especially when you see people who are so much further ahead of you in their journey. My best piece of advice is to be kind to yourself and focus on progress, not perfection. Try adopting one change at a time and then adding other lifestyle changes as you get comfortable. Personally, I have found that trying to make a complete shift can be a bit much and less easy to stick too.



1. Reusable Tote Bags



Since living in California roughly 4 years ago, I made it a personal New Year resolution to stop using single use plastic bags. I’m not perfect by any means, but just making that promise to myself created such an incredible mindset shift. Plus, it was an opportunity to shop for a few cute reusable totes to replace my single use habit. I’m all about rewarding positive changes 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite kinds of reusable bags, I have all three because I find them very useful for different scenarios. The baggu shopping bags fold up nicely and come in their own pouch making them great to toss in my handbag for unexpected shopping trips. I love the net market totes because they look so European (especially in black or bone) and are great for fruits and veggies and though they look small they are mighty and fit a ton! Last but not least are the produce/bulk bags – just remember to ask the cashier to tare your bag so you don’t pay for the extra weight!


2. Reusable Snack Pouches + Water Bottles



When it comes to food storage and transport, I am super picky. Personally I am not a huge fan of  beeswax wrap and some reusable options don’t really clean up nicely after the first use. Here are some super durable, BPA free options great for stashing almonds, dried mango and other yummy snacks in your bag. I also have shared my favorite water bottles for work, I love the wide mouth option for putting yummy infusions of fruit and herbs inside.


3. Reusable Cutlery + Dishes



I am also SUPER picky about my reusable cutlery. Nothing is more embarrassing than telling your friends how much you love your reusable (but *painfully* dull) bamboo fork only to have them watch you spend then next five minutes trying to stab a piece of lettuce with it. I also like nice handbags, so the idea of carrying a dirty dressing covered salad fork in my Chanel bag doesn’t really sound like fun, so the case my cutlery comes in is V important as well.

Don’t fret though, after much messy and painstaking research I have found the PERFECT cutlery kit that is both chic and functional AF. The best part? You can score this super cute and affordable cutlery set on Amazon, it will cut through steak, stab lettuce and the set even comes with chopsticks for those Pho lovers out there. I personally love the black and gold option and it’s under $15!

I am also sharing this super chic lunch bowl from Porter – it matches the cutlery, snack pouches  and water bottle perfectly and is both dishwasher and microwavable safe. Reusable Wide Mouth


4. Reusable Cleaning Products



Reusable cleaning products have basically taken over my home. I like to use non-toxic and plant based products that I either make myself from recipes shared by green living gurus or I opt for bio-degradable or plastic free options where possible. Creating your own cleaning products is actually way easier than you might think and my house smells less like a chemical farm and more like a day spa. I like to mix my cleaning products in amber spray bottles that I found on Amazon.

Another recent discovery (thanks Mom!) are these really handy reusable dish towels that are by a Swedish company called Ecologie. Ever since having Zoë, I use so many paper towels to clean up little avocado hand prints that end up on basically everything and these reusable dishtowels have been such a great way to reduce our paper waste. There are so many cute options out there but I linked a few of my faves.


5. Start a Compost Bin



This is one I have  never done before so we are going to do it together, okay? You can break down kitchen scraps like fruits and veggies, tea bags, coffee grounds and house plant clipping in an indoor compost bin. Not only is the compost soil great for your garden you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint and landfill waste.  Here are a few different options to check out, have kids? This sounds like such a fun activity to do with them. I can’t wait until Zoë is old enough to help!