With summer in full swing, sunblock, sweat, makeup all take their toll on our skin, so getting (or giving yourself) a solid facial is crucial to keeping your skin healthy and happy.

Well peeps…I am happy to report that after making myself a human guinea pig for the past few months I have rounded up some of my absolute favorite products for the ultimate at home facial. From a mud mask to a face scrub, I am trying them all! Some are over $100 and some are excitingly under $100 – but when it comes to solid skin care I tend to loosen the purse strings a bit since its the only skin I’ve got, best take care of it amiright?! My friend has recently told me about a spa that she went to which gave a variety of different facials which she really enjoyed. So as fun as doing facials at home is, if you prefer to go to a spa to get the ultimate relaxation experience, why not check out facials in melbourne cbd if you are near the area.
Now before you freak out at the price on some of these products, I also want you to consider the Starbucks equation. What the eff is that you might ask? Glad you asked.

The ‘Starbucks Equation’ as I have lovingly labeled it, is how long you would need to give up Starbucks and *gasp* switch to home brewed coffee before you could afford these products. If you purchased ALL of them, it would only take you 2 months without your Venti Frap before you would have a beauty cabinet that rivals most celebs, even those who rely on a kollectionk routine.

Still not convinced? Consider that most facials cost more than $175 a pop! So when you consider the fact that each of these products will last you for months, it makes the pill easier to swallow.

Each of the products below are tried and true and have made my skin sing from every pore. You might not need all of them so consider your skin type, check ’em out and drop a comment below if you have any questions!



ELEMIS PRO CLEANSING BALM – Deep cleans, removes make-up and smells delish!

ELEMIS PRO COLLEGEN MARINE CREAM – Reduces wrinkles and increases hydration.

ARTNATURALS DEAD SEA MUD MASK – Clears acne, reduces pore size, minimizes wrinkles.


GOLDFADEN MD FRESH A PEEL – Blasts dead skin cells, refines pores and wrinkles.

VENEFFECT ANTI-AGING INTENSIVE MOISTURIZER – Improves elasticity in the skin + enhances the production of collagen.