One of my biggest focuses in the new year is living a more sustainable lifestyle, including adopting a cruelty free and somewhat vegan beauty routine. It may be a habit that takes some time to adopt – I still ask, do crest white strips work on yellow teeth? While I haven’t gone full-fledged Vegan, what I have done, is start to replace old brands that don’t adhere to eco and animal friendly guidelines with ones that do. It might sound like a pain in the ass, but at the end of the day I feel a lot better about the brands I am supporting, not to mention using on my body. Hopefully it’ll be quite some time before I need to get some Dental Implants in Washington Heights, though when the day comes i’m sure it’ll be handled well.

Today I have rounded up 6 vegan and cruelty free dental essentials that I personally use to help keep my teeth happy and healthy and to stop me from having to have dental implants in Rochester or somewhere closer to home! I have linked to all of them so you can check them out, including my two latest and greatest additions yummy smelling coconut floss from a new brand I am loving called COCOFLOSS, and coconut oil pullers from one of my fave brands Kopari! They are super easy to use and remove plaque and stains from your teeth really well! Make sure, when choosing dental products, that you consult a professional like this Dentist in Temple Terrace, just to make sure that the products you are using are appropriate for your teeth.

I would love for you to drop a comment below sharing your favorite vegan and cruelty free beauty must-haves!


  1. This is a MUST, it scrapes all the yucky stuff off of your tongue and keeps your breath supa fresh! Ayurvedic tongue scraper – Truthpaste
  2. The yummiest smelling floss I’ve ever used! Coconut Oil-Based Floss – COCOFLOSS (get $5.00 off with COCOFLOSSWITHME18)**
  3. Shines up your pearly whites like none other! Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening – Bianco Smile
  4. Freshens breath! Ginger, Mint, and Cinnamon Gum + Mints – Simply Gum
  5. Brush your teeth with chemical (and sugar) free toothpaste! All-Natural Toothpaste – Truthpaste
  6. Remove stains and plaque with coconut oil pulling! Coco Oil Pullers – Kopari


** I received this product complimentary from COCOFLOSS. All opinions are 100% my own.