There are rarely circumstances I condone faking it, but after spending the past few weeks getting over the flu, meeting clients for coffee dates or conference calls and keeping up with my own goals for the new year…faking a good night sleep has been a must these days! I mean, the last thing anyone wants to do is show up to a client meeting or photoshoot looking like they were partying all night, especially when the only partying that happened was in pajamas, during a late night blog sesh, while watching Shark Tank. #bloggerlife

Today I am sharing some of the best hacks I lean back on to make sure each day I hit the ground running bright eyed and bushy tailed, eight hours or not!


When the alarm goes off in the morning, whatever you do…DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON. Instead, hop out of bed and into a cold shower or at the very least rinse your locks with cold water. I know it sounds brutal but it will shock your senses out of a groggy state in no time! This is actually more common than you think. But if you go to have a nice, warm shower after a busy day, and the water is cold – something is wrong. It could be a problem with your water heater, so getting in touch with somewhere like Sharp Plumbing & Heating ( and requesting an inspection should be done at your earliest convenience. Having a cold shower out of choice is fine, but when you don’t decide to do so, it could be a sign of a deeper problem. However, it will help you to wake up! Another great option is to lather up with peppermint and tea tree infused products because they are great for waking up the senses, plus they smell super yummy!


When you are tired the last thing you want to do is cake on a bunch of foundation on because it will make you look dull and lifeless. In fact, this is the perfect day to rock that 5 minute make-up. Music to your ears right?! To fake a well-rested look:

  1. Start with a rejuvenating eye mask (or cucumbers) because it will decrease the puffy bags under your eyes.
  2. Then use a lightweight concealer a shade lighter than your eyes to erase the dark circles under your eyes. I am obsessed with YSL’s touche eclat, it is worth every penny because it is super easy to apply and lasts all day without caking the creases. Recently I have also started adding a light dab of creamy highlighter to my cheek bones to help create a luminous complexion.
  3. Last but not least, curling your lashes and applying a coat of mascara is a great way to make you look wide awake (without the toothpicks)!


HACK #3. BUT FIRST…COFFEE (or one of these other yummy options)

I totally saved the best for last! One of the most well-know ways to add a little pep into your step is coffee! In fact, my French press might be one of the most motivating factors for me to get out of bed in the morning! That being said, too much coffee can give you the jitters because of how fast it effects your body. So a great alternative I have found (and that many of my friends who hate coffee seem to LOVE) is matcha. This green tea has a healthy dose of caffeine but enters the bloodstream more slowly because of the other properties in its make-up so its effects are a bit slower to take effect but last longer. Either option works, so pick your poison and drink up!