John and I are headed to Palm Desert right now ( literally…I’m tethered to my phone like a damn billy goat to write this post), and have been really trying to make an effort to be more consistent with my posts and to stop waiting for everything to be perfect…but more on that later.

We are cruising down the highway with half our house packed in the car for a two-week road trip where we will start off poolside in Palm Desert, then head off the grid to camp in Joshua Tree. It will be our first camping trip of the year and I am a little nervous because he has been watching nothing but Alone and Naked and Afraid for the past two weeks so god only knows where we will end up…jkjk, sorta. We’ve been planning this trip for a while now so I’m glad it’s finally happening. I was originally looking at an RV Rental Salt Lake City area, but John wanted to go to Palm Desert in the end. I didn’t really mind where we went as long as it was sunny!! I can’t wait to go! I’ve been thinking of picking up a portable water purifier because although we have planned our stops, we’re not entirely sure what facilities are going to be available to us and access to drinking water is going to be essential whilst we’re on the road.

Anywho, today I am sharing my fave pieces that I packed for the road trip! I love warm weather and so I packed as many dresses, rompers and swimsuits that would fit in my suitcase along with my workout gear and a few pairs of shoes. Shop my desert vacation essentials below, there are some really good deals right now on brands like Amuse Society!