If you are like me, you probably had never even heard of a babymoon until you got pregnant, or you might be Googling it now…so let me fill you in real quick – a babymoon is essentially a vacation for expecting parents to celebrate their last moments of freedom before diapers, late night feedings and all the other responsibilities that come with a bundle of joy (#yay). Don’t get me wrong, I am SO EXCITED for our little one, but I have loved the honeymoon phase and running around free as a bird with my partner in crime! Plus, let’s be real, any excuse for a vacation and I’m there (especially if there is a beach involved). I had been keeping my eyes out for flight deals and when one came along, John and I jumped at the chance to get out of the cold, and celebrate our fleeting moments as newlyweds in one of my favorite places on earth, Los Cabos.

If you have never been to Cabo, or haven’t been back in awhile you might be raising an Angelina sized eyebrow at our choice. Cabo is often known for its massive crowds of college kids downing one too many tequila shots and pharmacies trying to sell you everything from Viagra to Retinol – but it is so much more than that! Not only does it have world-class resorts and Michelen Star chefs, but there are TONS of different experiences all around town for all different budgets, so there is literally something for everyone, even expecting mamas! Personally I fell in love with Cabo during my time as the Director of Communications for InMexico magazine, so I spent a ton of time down there, and it has literally become one of my favorite places on Earth. The people are so amazing, the food is out of this world, and the beaches are some of the most Insta-worthy I have ever seen. It was so much fun to show John all of my favorite places around town as well as experience new adventures together!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite parts of Cabo from San Lucas to San Jose, and everywhere in between. I have some fun suggestions that have become my tried and true favorites. Whether you are seeking one last adventure as a couple or simply looking for the perfect tropical vacation that won’t break the bank, Cabo is the perfect place to cash in those unused vacation days and airline miles you’ve been saving and treat yourself! #selfcare


Personally, I am a big fan of boutique hotels. Not only are they much more cost effective, but I love their ambience. I have stayed at both all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels around Cabo and while they both have their perks, when I travel I really am a big fan of taking in the sights around town, trying different restaurants and living like a local. If I wanted to be surrounded with the comforts of home, I would just stay home and use the money to buy a killer pair of shoes.


I’ve said it before in other blog posts, but it is worth repeating cuz I’m not exaggerating: in San Lucas my all-time favorite place to stay is Bahia Hotel & Beach House. It is literally a block from Medano Beach and they have an incredible restaurant and beach club. If you are looking for relaxing beach vibes, comfy rooms, and delish food that you can enjoy in their ultra-cool restaurant (or get delivered directly to your room) – look no further than Bahia. Their rooms are super affordable (like under $200 a night affordable), have giant closets, sunflower showers and balconies with beautiful views of the city.

They entire hotel has a California cool vibe with giant photos of surfers decorating the crisp white walls and Mexican lanterns illuminating your way to hammocks around the property just begging you to slow down and live in the moment. I also love their giant pool in the courtyard, complete with cabanas and a palapa swim up bar so you can sip while you soak. As a guest of the hotel you also have access to SUR Beach House which is an amazing beachfront restaurant and beach club complete with the best eggs benny in the city, beach umbrellas and lounge chairs that are perfect for catching some sun.


San Jose has a completely different vibe than San Lucas. They are only separated by a 20-30 minute drive along the coast but they are each uniquely their own. Where San Lucas is know for its nightlife, swimmable beaches and snorkeling adventures, San Jose is know for its art galleries, farm-to-table restaurants and low key vibes. I wanted to show John both sides of Cabo so we spent a few days in both places. When staying in San Jose one of my favorite places is another boutique hotel called El Encanto Inn & Suites. The property is like a secret garden with no shortage of old-world charm. Every detail down to the doorknobs is insta-worthy (just ask my mom who I sent oodles of inspo pics to for her home renovation project). The courtyard is filled with palm trees and plumeria flowers, gorgeous and colorful tile, fountains and a pool. Each room is uniquely decorated and will have you feeling right at home. I love this hotel because it is literally in the heart of San Jose and literally steps from the historic town square and art walk that San Jose is famous for.


One of the other reasons I love to stay at boutique hotels, is that it forces you to venture out for food. One of my favorite parts about Cabo is the food – its literally the perfect place for a pregnant chic who just finished dealing with weeks of morning sickness! I was STARVING and good thing because you will want to pack your appetite!


In San Lucas we didn’t have to venture too far for yummy eats. One of my favorite places (and locally approved hotspots) is Bar Esquina. The plating of their food is next level and regardless of if you are eating breakfast, lunch or dinner there – you won’t be disappointed. I also love that they have a smoothie and coffee bar for people who prefer lite bites in the AM. BTW – their breads are also baked fresh daily, if you are lucky enough to be there when they make Pan de Muerto GET IT. In the evenings for dinner Bar Esquina offers live music by candlelight which will have you dancing in your chair. John and I had everything from Blackened Tuna with celery puree to brick oven pizza – it was all so good…and I don’t even like celery.

One of the biggest things on my list when I’m on vacation, is brunch. Yes, I know I’m basic but that’s okay. When staying in San Lucas, just do me a favor and check out SUR for brunch, it is served until noon so you can sleep in, and the view alone will take your breath away. I love their açai bowls and eggs benedict, and they are literally the only place in Cabo I have found that serves Croque Madame. Did I mention they also make the BEST hand crafted cocktails and their staff was amazing at accommodating this mama-to-be with some life changing Piña Coladas.


San Jose offers tons of variety to suit every taste pallet. The first place I took John was Barrio Burger which is right across from El Encanto Inn because they have the most amazing ambiance and burgers in town. I know, I know…burgers – real authentic but just hear me out. They use a special wood that they grill the burgers over and it literally infuses them with such a rich flavor. Beyond the burgers, their asparagus appetizer is mind-blowing good and their homemade flan is the perfect way to end your meal. I couldn’t indulge this time around, but one of my favorite ways to wash it all down is their homemade Clericot which is basically sangria…but better.

Something I got to experience for the first time this trip was La Lupita – it came as a recommendation from one of the front desk people in San Lucas and I am SO GLAD we listened. First off, you will want to make a reservation because this place is packed every single night with a line out the door. Their tacos are nothing short of amazing, as are their chips and guacamole and churros. Get the churros, they are seriously so good and served a la mode. They are also a Mezcal bar so if any of you are fans of mezcal (and not pregnant) make sure you grab a cocktail. One of my favorite parts of the experience was the live band they had playing on an elevated stage. Such a fun place and only a stones throw from where we were staying.

If you couldn’t tell already, I take brunch very seriously so Flora Farms was a MUST. I love Flora Farms for so many reasons. For starters, 80% of everything that hits their table is sourced from their own farm including any meats they serve. Flora Farms is focused on sustainability and so they don’t serve beef and all of their animals are responsibly raised. The property is gigantic and has a grocery store on site where you can buy organic produce, fresh bread and juices. They even have their own homemade ice cream! It is an experience within itself. I also love that they are dog friendly and sometimes if you are lucky the farm dogs come to greet you. They often have live music and all in all it is a great way to spend your morning.


Like I said before, there are SO MANY things to do in Cabo! You want to lounge at the pool? Check. You want to swim and snorkle in the sea of cortez and feed some fish? Check. You want to see some art? Check. You want to dance under the stars? Check. It doesn’t matter if you are an expecting mom – there is plenty for you to do! Here are a few of my faves:


San Lucas is one of my favorite places because of Medano Beach and the Arch which is where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. If the waves are cooperating and the tides aren’t too high you can even land on a secluded strip of sand called Lover’s Beach. I love paddle boarding to the arch and back – it is a great workout and a great way to spend an early morning. John and I got up before sunrise one day to make the journey with one of my favorite Los Cabos locals, Gunther at Cabo SUP. He took me for my first cliff dive ever off of Pelican Rock (not this time for obvious reasons) and is an excellent teacher for those of you who have never been stand up paddle boarding before. This time around we went snorkeling and saw tons of fish, it was super fun and worth the early alarm clock.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the bohemian picnic and couples massage John and I enjoyed the day we landed. Nothing wrecks a pregnant girls back like a day of traveling on a plane so kicking the trip off this way just set the tone beautifully. The hostesses drove us to Pedregal Beach which is a private beach that we basically had to ourselves. The picnic was something straight out of a fairytale, imagine you favorite Pinterest photos X 100. Macramé table decor, fresh flowers, rose petals strewn on the sand and a spread of delicious small bites for John and I to nosh on. John sipped on champagne and I had refreshing cucumber water as we watched the sunset and listened to waves crash on the shore. After the picnic we were whisked away to a gorgeous property at the top of El Pedregal where we enjoyed poolside couples massages overlooking all of Los Cabos. Patty and her team are incredible at creating exquisite experiences and unforgettable memories. I highly recommend contacting Patty if you are looking to treat yourself via her e-mail at Patty@thespaatpedregal.com.


One of my favorite traditions in San Jose is horseback riding on the beach. I met Aaron the owner of Bonanza Horseback Riding almost 5 years ago when I was walking past his horse property and couldn’t help myself from wandering over to see what this place was all about, it has been a must do on my list ever since. If you are looking for a great way to catch a sunset, horseback riding on the beach is a great way to go. It doesn’t matter if you have been riding horses since you were a kid (John) or don’t know the first thing about horseback riding (Me), Aaron’s team of guides will show you the ropes and are incredible at making you feel like you have been riding your whole life, and the horses are extremely well trained and gentle.

One of the coolest things about San Jose is the art. They have some of the most amazing galleries and a weekly art walk on Thursday nights where the town square comes alive with local vendors, artists and street food. There are all different kinds of artists to suit every taste and the work being shown is constantly changing, so there is always something new to see. I love grabbing a lime ice cream cone and strolling through the square. It’s also a great place for people watching if you are into that kind of thing.

There you go mamas! I hope I gave you some travel inspo and motivated you to treat yourself to a babymoon of your own. Making a baby isn’t easy and you deserve a vacation before popping your little one out, and life gets too crazy to even think about a vacation. At first I felt guilty about splurging on something like this before our baby is born, but I am so glad we did. I feel so connected to John and we had a great time together. It is important to relax and take care of yourself while you are creating a little human – so why not do it with a virgin Piña Colada on a beach? Amiright?

P.S. Stay tuned for what to wear on your babymoon – I have some super cute options that are perfect for expecting mama’s coming at you in another blog post soon!

All photography by Cobabe Creative