Bonjour peeps!

So happy to be back home after one AH-mazing trip to Paris! This trip I really focused on only packing the essentials, beauty bag included and I am happy to report it couldn’t have gone better!

Today I am sharing my top 5 go-to products that are TSA approved and are the perfect space-saving options to take on the road!

  1. Stowaway Cosmetics – I am so happy to have discovered Stowaway Cosmetics! I now have it in my gymbag, my handbag and my travel bag! Their cosmetics are pint-sized making them a great travel companion and the colors are super fabulous – seriously obsessed with the Raspberry lipstick and their Everyday Essential Eye Palette, its even great for brows! Being able to travel light means everything, especially if you’re doing something adventurous like going on an iceland camper rental vacation where you’ll want to be as economical as possible with your packing – but the travel beauty bag is still essential, of course.
  2. Alba1913 Discovery Kit – Seriously loving the heck out of Alba1913! I have been using their products for more than a month and my skin is noticeably more vibrant, happy and healthy! The discovery kit is the perfect option for a on-the-go skin care routine and comes complete with all of their products so you can enjoy the same glowing skin that you have at home. Typically when I travel I use samples I have received at events just because they are convinient to carry, so needless to say that my skin was stoked to have some consistency!
  3. Truthpaste + Tongue Scraper – I LOVE Truthpaste and had no idea a tongue scraper is so essential to dental hygiene – my mouth has been happy and my breath is so much better since I have adopted the use of their toothpaste. Truthpaste is all-natural, organic and avoids using really harmful chemicals (like glycerin) that basically murder your mouths natural eco-system. Check ’em out they are super rad and affordable and travel friendly! If you want to make sure that your dental hygiene is as good as it can be before you leave for your trip, check out a dentist, such as this Dentist in Santa Barbara or one in your local area. That way if you need any treatments doing, you can make sure that they’ve been done before you leave. Don’t forget to pack teeth cleaning essentials with you as well to keep your hygiene to a maximum.
  4. VERB Hydrating Travel Kit – VERB is the cats pajamas, not only are they super affordable and cruelty free, it works on all hair types and smells delish! I love all of their products but one of my faves is the Ghost Oil, its a great product for keeping ends looking sleek! I love their travel kit which comes with shampoo, conditioner and the Ghost Oil…for $15!
  5. Harry’s Razor – I love my razor from Harry’s. Ever since I first started shaving I have always loved men’s razors and felt like I got silkier legs when using them! They also donate 1% of their proceeds to causes they believe in and 1% of their time towards those causes as well. I love the travel case that comes with my razor too, keeping my fingers free from those ‘whoopsies’ moments when I am blindly reaching around for my razor in the morning pre-coffee. Which reminds me, have you ever had Laser hair removal? I have been considering getting laser hair removal on my legs as it would save me so much time when getting ready. Let me know your thoughts if so.