This post is sponsored by REI, a brand I genuinely love for their awesome outdoor gear and charitable work in the community, all opinions are my own.

Winter in Utah has been rough this year, I have spent the majority of my time cooped up inside, so I for one cannot wait to spend my time in the great outdoors this Spring! Growing up, my family was always going on camping trips and river rafting trips so I am not afraid of the dirt.

My mom always taught me to dress for the sport, so I love to find clothes that make me feel comfortable in my environment, stylish and appropriate for the activities at hand. My go-to outdoor retailer is REI, my dad is a rock climber, and REI was a household name when I was growing up. I remember our frequent trips to their store on 33rd after my piano lessons, my dad would be looking at ropes, cams and carabiners, and I would wander off to check snowboards, boots and bindings.


Anytime I need to stock up on outdoor supplies for camping or road trips for things like new hiking boots, tents, camping supplies, backpacks and clothes I like to go to the REI in Salt Lake City, or shop online when I need to save time. One of my favorite perks that REI offers is their $20 Lifetime Membership. If you plan on buying any outdoor related gear, their membership is  totally worth the money. Perks include special discounts, early access to garage sales, special pricing on adventures and classes, member-only coupons, and 10% dividends (aka in-store cash back) for everything you spend.

That basically means that at the end of the year, you get this dividend gift card with 10% of everything you spent at REI that year that you get to spend on, yep…you guessed it, more gear! John got a new backpack for our trip to India with his dividends last year, it made me sign up on the spot, it totally pays for itself, and I love that it is a lifetime membership, not an annual one so even if you don’t get your money back in the first year, you don’t need to pay for another membership, like…ever.  Plus, right now all REI  members can get 20% off with the code MEMPERK2019 from now until April 8th! So if you are looking to buy any of your bigger ticket items, now is a great time for it!

One thing I have been in desperate need of is clothes to wear hiking and camping. John and I got a Utah parks pass and so we will be putting that to use throughout the spring and summer this year! I really like the REI Co-Op line because it is affordable and stylish so I decided to stock up with some of their basics.  This spring I am really loving their Trailsmith collection, it has a total safari vibe. I found the cutest oversize button-up shirt made of organic cotton in this cream color, it looks great styled loose with denim cutoffs or worn tucked into khaki trousers, and skinny jeans. It’s super breathable and runs a little big, even for an oversized shirt so I would suggest sizing down.

Another piece from the Trailsmith collection I added to my camping arsenal is their classic Trailsmith Jacket. It has ventilation zippers, huge cargo pockets and the Waterbuck Brown is the perfect color of dark khaki. It’s also roomy, comfortable and warm. I wore it on a hike up to H Rock which is this huge rock on the side of a mountain that is spray painted with an ‘H’ for Highland Highschool. You can see the whole city from there but it was SO WINDY! I was impressed by how warm the Trailsmith jacket kept me, definitely impressed especially since it’s so thin. I would also size down unless you like your jackets really loose. The fit is a bit oversized, so for me a small would still leave room for a thick sweater or hoodie underneath with no problem where I would typically order a medium.

I don’t load up on too many accessories when I’m going on an outdoor adventure because I tend to lose things. My go-to camping accessory, is a good scarf. They are such a fun, yet practical accessory! I use them as a neck-tie, or to help keep 3 day old hair under wraps.

I found the cutest bandana at REI and it’s only $5! It’s from the Trailsmith collection as well, so the colors go with my new jacket perfectly. My favorite part is the poem on it that says “wandering by lone sea-breakers, and sitting by desolate streams; World losers and world forsakers, on whom the pale moon gleams; yet we are the movers and shakers”.

Next on my list is a good pair of hiking boots! John also took me climbing at his gym for the first time. It was so fun and scary at the same time. I have a huge fear of heights, so it was fun to take steps towards overcoming that. Thinking I might need to add a harness and some shoes to my list too!

I love that with every dollar I spend, I’m earning money towards my dividends at the end of the year. REI even has cool electronics like the new GoPro Hero7. The cashback definitely adds up quickly, especially when it’s time to go for those big ticket items. It’s so great to earn cashback just for shopping!  If you haven’t already signed up for your lifetime membership at REI, here is the link! Don’t forget to take advantage of  the 20% off sale with the code MEMPERK2019 from now until April 8th!

Get shopping details for my full look below, and don’t be a stranger! I would love to hear about your favorite camping necessities, or plans to get outdoors this spring. Leave a comment below with your favorite pair of hiking boots, I would love to add them to my list!


All photography by Cobabe Creative

Location: H Rock Hike, Salt Lake City, Utah