Spring is in the air and I for one am SO STOKED! This is only my second year back in Utah, and this winter was SO COLD! Needless to say I am so excited for a fresh pedicure, summer dresses and sandal season! As much as I love a good boot or sneaker, there is something so fun, feminine and freeing about a cute block-heel sandal or mule.

So while I am still waiting for the last of the snow to thaw, I am sharing some of my top shoe styles worth adding to your collection this spring. For a much more extensive reviews of these styles, check out shoehero.com.



I was never a fan of mules…that is until I found these killer block-heel mules from JustFab. The heels are covered in dainty pearls, and beads in the shape of stars. They look so great day or night, and are so easy to style because they go with practically everything! Since then, I am #teamMule. Here are some of my faves!


Ever since the days of Carrie Bradshaw, strappy sandals have been a thing. They are just so feminine and fierce at the same time! I found a few really fun options that add an instant pop to your look!


I must be getting older (or wiser), because I love a good pair of flats! I remember the days I used to walk a mile to class at the University of Utah in 4+ inch heels, and those days make me cringe and want to slap some sense into my younger self. No matter how short you are, flats are fabulous and every girl needs a pair! They are great for running errands around town, dressing down your fancier clothes and showing your feet some love. Here are some of my faves this Spring.


Block heels are amazing. You get all the height, without aerating the lawn! I love how sturdy block heels are because they let you clock a lot of miles, without your feet getting too sore or tired. Block heels are perfect for a night dancing on the town, frolicking at festivals, and days at the office where you want to feel just a little bit taller. Here are some of my faves, I love neutral tones because they go with all the funky prints in my closet so I get to wear them a bunch!

One of my go-to places for shoes these days is JustFab! I love that they offer a curated subscription service, and that you can buy your first style for under $10! I have been really impressed with the quality and variety of styles they have, plus a lot of you have commented on my shoes from them, so I thought I would share the love! Here is a link to their Spring Sandal Shop in case you want to check it out!