Well, Popsugar did it again!

With January being all about self awareness and renewal, this month there were some really good quality essentials in the Pop Sugar Must Have Box that got me in the mood for a clean slate and to take on a whole new year. From the delicious tasting Dean & Deluca peppermint tea and scented candle, to the lucite and watercolor desk calendar and yoga towel – I am seriously going to have to change this months review to The Popsugar January Must Haves.

I love how I can count on the Popsugar Must Have Box to deliver all of those cute things I didn’t know I needed…until I see them, (along with a friendly reminder to chill the eff out) all wrapped in a pink box. In fact, its become a fun tradition to enjoy unwrapping my Must Have box along side a fresh cup of coffee and my favorite playlist on Spotify in the background and just enjoy the moment of getting something ‘just because’. With days filled with meetings and meet-ups, it can be hard to carve out ‘me time’ once in awhile and the Must Have box is a reminder to do just that.

With Valentines Day around the corner the Must Have Box is the perfect hint to drop to your significant other – seriously three clicks away from delivering you happiness in a box? No muss, no fuss, no brainer. Single?! OMG…Me too! Take a page out of my book, and treat yo damn self! The Must Have Box is the perfect way to spoil yourself in all your single glory – whoever said ‘money can’t buy happiness’ obviously never had happiness delivered directly to their doorstep!

BTW – don’t forget that you can get $5 off your first Must Have Box with the code ‘SHOP5’ – and when you refer 3 friends you get your next box free! Winning! 🙂



This post was sponsored by Popsugar who sent me this Must Have Box to try – but the happiness I am writing about is 100% truth! xx