One of my biggest focuses as a sustainable style blogger is to source and discover brands that not only look good, but do good for the planet and I am super excited to share a my first brand spotlight of 2022 is a Sweden based company called NA-KD.

Some of the biggest things that stood out to me are Circle, a program where you can purchase pre-loved garments to help reduce your overall fashion footprint and that their shipping and returns are both climate compensated. They also offer a link on their homepage which will take you to their 2025 sustainability goals which include not only climate commitments but diversity and inclusion commitments as well.

Want to know the best part about all of this? Their pieces are BEAUTIFUL and super affordable! I’ve been working really hard to avoid fast fashion companies like H&M and Zara and so when I stumbled upon NA-KD I was super stoked because the aesthetic feels similar but the company has values that are much more in line with the kind of world I want to live in! Score!

My first purchase from NA-KD was a heavy knit dusty blue scarf and matching beanie that I have not taken off since they arrived. The material is soft but heavy and the quality of each item makes me feel like I invested in something nice for myself that will last a long time.

Needless to say I did a deep dive of their site and found some of the most amazing pieces from iconic basics to timeless trends, here are some of my faves:


I was born and raised in Utah and used to believe that I hated the snow. Turns out that if you dress for the sport, it ain’t half bad! This season I have been loving chunky knit scarves with matching beanies and wearing them draped over long coats.

Dusty Blue Scarf | NAKD

Green Beanie | NAKD

Off White Scarf | NAKD



I love finding iconic basics that have a little spice, NA-KD’s entire website is full of them! Here are some of my favorite statement tops that will stand the test of time.

Tie-Front Top | NAKD


Seam Detail Top | NAKD