Super excited to share my first home edit featuring some of the items I have curated to give my home office an update!

Personally, I am a huge believer in creating a space that inspires me as a means of increasing productivity. When I have a beautiful, organized and clean space – I get way more done because I not only do I enjoy being there but in my line of work as a content creator, having a well put together office offers me a whole additional area to shoot lifestyle content for brands.

I opted for a mix between modern bohemian and mid-century modern. The initial two pieces that set the tone for the space are a painting John created for me for our very first Valentine’s day, and a desk I already own which I scored from Target for under $325. I knew I wanted a more modern looking desk chair and I scored the most gorgeous option from Porthos Home via Amazon Prime. It is tufted and comes with black wheels and the height is adjustable plus I have been using it for a few weeks and it is super comfortable!

I will be sharing more of the office space soon including how I organize to maximize productivity at home, what my WFH routine looks like as a full time content creator and business owner and other helpful hacks to inspire you as you set up your own space!

Looking forward to sharing more but in the meantime, check out the links below to shop the edit!


Madison Office Desk Chair | Bodrum Area Rug | Beaded Chandelier

 Harvey Park Desk | The Wild Phone Case | Geometrical Black Bookends