When I first heard about the magnetic face mask trend, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. It seems like every other day there is a new ‘life-changing’ product to try, especially in the beauty department.

That being said, I have made it a personal goal to live a more holistic lifestyle, so I have been shopping around to create a revised beauty routine, and list of cult classics to replace products loaded with toxic chemicals. Face masks are one of my go-to rituals between facials soI decided to give the magnetic mask from the cruelty-free brand Onyx Youth a try.

Comprised of all-natural ingredients like volcanic ash (aka, Scoria, a Korean healing staple), a lush mix of botanical oils and amino acids, the Onyx Youth Face Mask kit comes complete with a spatula (great for keeping your mask germ-free) and a magnetic wand that removes the face mask while sucking impurities like dirt and blackheads out of your skin.

I have to say this magnetic face mask is honestly one of my favorite beauty rituals to date. Let’s just say rejuvenated is an understatement. First off, my skin was GL-OW-ING when I took the mask off and I immediately noticed a difference in the firmness, clarity and hydration of my skin. Secondly, the mask removing wand is super rad and totally works, so no more messy mask clean-up…like, ever! The kit even comes with disposable covers so no need to clean the wand afterwards. #winning

Whether you are looking for the perfect all-natural face make, or gift for your hard to shop for Mother-in-Law, or beauty junkie bestie, I got you! The kit retails at $130, but I have partnered with Onyx Youth to give you 20% off just in time for the holidays (which is awesome because this mask is brand freaking new)!  Just click here and enter the code ‘bemagnetic’ and get your glow on!


This post is sponsored by Onyx Youth – a brand I genuinely endorse for their awesome all-natural ingredients.