So…I don’t know what shocked me more…the fact that it took me so long to realize that ‘testing on animals’ didn’t mean a bunny was getting a makeover, or the fact that soooooooooo many beauty companies still use this method of testing their products. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but animal testing means companies conduct tests like rubbing products in their test subjects eyes to see if they go blind and feeding them gnarly amounts of product to see if they die from eating too much lipstick.

So there I was, sitting in my bathroom with my laptop going through product after product to see what their stance was on animal testing and it was SUPER DISAPPOINTING to see that some of my go-to brands like MAC, YSL, Clinique and Bobbi Brown still test on animals (fun fact…if the product is sold in China it’s tested on animals because unfortunately, that is their law). If you can buy cruelty-free products, please do. Animals should not have to go through vigorous and cruel testing just so we can have a few makeup products. It’s not fair and we shouldn’t be supporting it! A lot of brands are now cruelty-free but there are still some (as I named above), that aren’t. This needs to change!!

I know make-up and beauty products cost a lot of money, and replacing your entire beauty regimen all at once might not be possible, so an easy hack is to take 60 seconds to google a brand when its time to replace it and see if the brand is cruelty free. If it’s not, I replace it with one that is.

Thankfully, there are some AH-mazing brands out there like Stowaway Cosmetics, COOLA, Mineral Fusion, and Xlash that are not only cruelty free, some of them are even gluten-free and vegan too! It has been such an easy switch and I have found some AH-mazing brands as a result! Check out some of my absolute fave new discoveries below and I would love for you to drop a comment below with your favorite go-to cruelty free brands!


psssssst….does animal testing piss you off? OMG ME TOO!

Send a message to your representative in support of the Humane Cosmetics Act – I did and it literally took like 5 minutes! Sign here!

Here is also a really great resource I found that give you a list of brands that ARE cruelty free as well as brands that are not – major shout out to Cruelty Free Kitty for putting this together and keeping it up to date!