You know what they say, its the thought that counts – so if you are like me and starting off your entrepreneurial career, or simply on a more modest budget – you want to make your money go far…like super far…like…lightyears far.

Sweeeeet, ok now that we have that out of the way…now what? It can be so hard to figure out what to get people, where to get it, how to find the time to track it down, let alone adding the factors of cost into the mix – more often than not I am stuck at the last minute ordering my gifts off Amazon anyways – yes I’m that girl. #thankgodforprime. There have been a few occasions where I have ordered some things on time but that’s only because it’s a personalized item, like a photo Puzzle, so I’ve had to get my order in early to ensure that it’s delivered when I need it.

However, this year I have decided enough is enough and I am not letting anything get in my way of gift giving like a champion this year – One of my absolute favorite new gifts to give peeps, are the Must Have Box from POPSUGAR – its literally packaged and sent for you, plus they feature the hottest new brands and products out there so you are basically making your friends trendsetters – jk..jk..but one of the really cool things is the value – its worth like 3 times the amount you are paying so like they say – its the thought that counts, but a flossy present never hurt!

Get $5.00 off of you first POPSUGAR Must Have Box with the code ‘SHOP 5’! – This Kendra Scott Bracelet is worth like $60 + and that was just one of the cool surprises inside this month’s box!

Looking for some other giftspiration? Check out more fun options below all under $50 – make sure to check out my other gift guides here – I even have one for the fellas!



** This post was sponsored by POPSUGAR a brand I genuinely endorse for making gift giving a heck of a lot easier! xx **