Is it just me or is achieving the perfect blowout a complete mystery?! I will literally sit at the salon and watch my stylist like a hawk, but its no use! Frizz factory every time!

Well, the secret is out! I am SO excited to share todays post where I caught up with the Queen B herself! Alli Webb, the founder of drybar gives us 5 easy to follow tips to achieve a celeb status blowout! Check them out, plus shop the products to get you there below:

no. 1

Make sure you always start and with super clean hair!

Use a shampoo that will remove dirt, residues and oils from your hair, like our Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo.  Oily hair does not blowout well and won’t last. Also, always know the style you are trying to achieve before you start your blowout so you have a plan of where you are going and what type of look you are trying to achieve.

no. 2

Choose styling products wisely!

Make sure you use the best product for your hair type – the wrong product can really affect a great blowout. For example, if you have very fine/straight hair, go for a mousse (like our our Texas Tea Volumizing Spray or Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse) that will give you lots of body and hold. For more textured or curly hair, choose a smoothing or hydrating cream (like our Chaser).

no. 3

Always, always start your blowout in the front.

Bangs, fringe and front hairline (the are people notice first on you!) should look perfect before you move on to the rest of your hair. And be sure to work in very clean, small sections. Sectioning is a step most people skip, but it really is THE key to getting a great blowout. You must perfect every section before you move on to the next – and keep your sections small, no kore than 1-2 inches wide. Each section should 100% dry, If your hair is even slightly damp, it will frizz and won’t hold your style.

no. 4

Set for Success!

Set your hair at the crown with a Velcro roller like our High Tops, or pin curl set while you sleep.  Touch it up in the morning with a ceramic round brush (our “Half Pint”) and a little Detox Dry Shampoo to absorb any excess oil.  Refresh your curls with the 3-Day-Bender curling iron.

no. 5

Morning After Maintenance

I highly recommend using a good shower cap, like our “Morning After” to preserve your blowout when you shower.  The terry cloth lining blocks humidity and keeps your style intact. Also, if you sleep on a satin pillowcase, that will also help extend the life of your blowout.

Personally I was FLOORED by how helpful these tips are, taking your time and sectioning your hair truly makes a BIG difference! I am sharing some of my fave blowout essentials below including my fave satin pillowcase and *gasp* the perfect root touch-up to save you in-between colors!