Single use plastics account for more than half of the 300 MILLION TONS of plastic that is produce annually. That means that 150 million tons of plastic get used once, and thrown away every year. The worst part about this? 32% of it flows into our oceans…big whoop, the ocean is huge right?! WRONG! The average person consumes 70,000 micro-plastics per year as a result of our very own plastic pollution. Scary AF right?

So…like WTF do we do? Since the average person doesn’t get to tell their country how to behave (and actually have them listen), it is up to us as individuals to make the choice. A great way to start is by reducing your use of plastic packaged products, and single use plastics altogether. I personally spent the last week carrying around my cute set of reusable chopsticks instead of using any plastic cutlery and it was a super easy change!

Once you get the hang of looking for opportunities to swap your single use plastics for reusable options, it really does become business as usual. I have found a lot of it has to do with being prepared. If I know I am going to the grocery store, I will bring my re-usable totes with me. Instead of buying the packaged spinach, I buy the fresh produce option. Instead of buying my seeds and nuts for salads in plastic containers, I bring bulk bags.

Since I am the kind of girl who uses cute gym clothes as motivation to work out, I am finding that cute reusable accessories help motivate me in my quest for eliminating single use plastics as well. So today I wanted to share 19 really cute options that will help you make the switch from single use, to sustainably stylish in no time!

Shop 19 Stylish Ways to Say Goodby to Single Use Plastic


Swimsuit by Plumeria Swimwear

Turkish Towel by Amazon Fashion

Photography by Cobabe Creative