This post was sponsored by SF Goodwill a brand I genuinely support and love for their commitment to sustainability as well as providing second chances in the work force!

Super excited to share my first YouTube video with tips and tricks on how to navigate your first thrifting experience! If you are new to the thrifting world, racks and racks of used clothing can be really intimidating!

I remember the first time I went thrifting at a Goodwill with my friend Cindy and just walked around asking myself how people managed to find amazing pieces in such a sea of what looked like junk. Since then…I have managed to discover some AH-mazing pieces from brand new Louboutins for $14 (yes, I’m serious), to vintage designer pieces like a Celine belt I still have and wear to this day!

Second hand shopping is amazing because it prevents clothes from ending up in landfills and also gives you the opportunity to develop a wardrobe that is 100% uniquely your own!

If the idea of second hand shopping in person still makes you nervous, make sure you check out the second half of the video where I share tips and tricks for thrifting online! You will notice that thrift stores like SF Goodwill use and eBay store front so also make sure to check out my article on how to win your eBay auctions because it was harder than I thought it would be!

I hope you enjoy the video and find the tips useful! I would love to know any thrifting questions you might have and would be happy to put another video together to answer them so don’t be shy and make sure to drop a comment below!

Happy Thrifting!