The Hall of Breakfast is just one of those places where you can’t help but smile.

Visions of this brightly colored, and breakfast themed art show first appeared on my ‘gram last month, and I’ve gotta admit it was love at first bite.

You first enter the exhibit through a vintage pistachio refrigerator door and are immediately welcomed by room after room of different breakfast foods, from bacon slides and doughnut swings to a confetti covered room dedicated to all things cereal. One of the things I loved most about the exhibit was not so much the art, but the people.

Besties trying to get that perfect polaroid on the sunnyside egg, the boyfriend who shows his girlfriend he’s got more sauce than Zoolander,  and thirty-something couples who refuse to grow up (because its a trap!). Speaking of the latter, John and I were pretty much laughing the entire time going from room to room causing mayhem at every turn. Confetti parties, tossing eggs and swimming in what I can only describe as a giant bowl of pink Trix. It was so much fun! 

I also LOVE that The Hall of Breakfast doesn’t only look good, they make you feel good to! They donated over 40,000 meals to kids in Utah with proceeds from ticket sales, how incredible is that?!!!! Apparently I’m not the only one who thought this homage to bacon and pastries was pretty cool because the exhibit which is scheduled to show in Salt Lake City through the 9th of July is already sold out!

So if you are bummed out that you didn’t make it, or that the HOB hasn’t bruched in your city yet, hopefully this post will have you seeing on sunnier side of life! (I mean with this jokes coming at you, how can you not?!) ;p

BTW – if you are loving the Hall of Breakfast as much as I did, I posted the entire adventure on Instagram, you can find it under the HOB highlight on my profile here >>  <<

Some of you were already commenting on my dress that I wore, its by Keepsake, and I linked it in several colors below – I was only able to find the pink one at Rent the Runway, but its a great dress for special occasions (even bridesmaids) so I decided to include it!



All photography by John Cobabe

Location The Hall of Breakfast, Salt Lake City