A HUGE thank you to my family at Minted.com for sponsoring this post, all of the thoughts and opinons are my own!

When John and I got engaged, I immediately thought of Minted.com for our Save the Date cards. I wasn’t sure about many other details around the big day (lol), but we have a bunch of prints from Minted artists and and absolutely love them, so picking them for our special day was a no brainier.

When it comes to planning The Big Day, I don’t know about any other brides out there…but it can feel incredibly overwhelming at times! I am SO stoked to marry John, don’t get me wrong…but I keep battling these feeling of not wanting to make any decisions until I know they will be perfect, but there’s just one problem…I am not really sure what perfect looks like! Well, sh*t!!!

I envy brides who have spent their childhoods dreaming of the perfect wedding, they have an answer for everything! Then there’s me… Friend: “Hey Jess, what kind of dress are you going to wear?” Me: [Deer in headlight look], “um…I’m thinking something white-ish or black? Gonna go make some coffee…brb”. If you’re looking for a dress and have no idea what to wear, you could check out something like Winnie Couture offering bespoke and designer wedding dresses. However if you’re anything like me, then continue stressing!

Wedding decisions can oftentimes be very sudden, especially if you’re among the growing number of people eloping in Gatlinburg TN but thankfully such places are able to facilitate a range of incredible options to allow the happy couple to customize their big day to their unique preferences.

That is another reason I absolutely knew Minted was The One, for my Save the Date Cards! I am no stranger to their AH-mazing customization process, it’s super easy to use, so I make all of my work notebooks for the blog through them! Their search function is my absolute BFF when I shop, because it helps me narrow things down according to style, color, inspirational genre…you catch my drift. There are lots of search options. So even though their site has literally hundreds of save the date cards to choose from, their search function will help you narrow down you selection so you can make sure you pick the perfect Save the Date card for you.

John and I both love Palm Desert and Joshua Tree in California, so we are bringing that inspiration home to Utah with us, for a desert bohemian inspired wedding day – so after narrowing the search to a behomian big day, just like that we were only looking through options with a boho feel. Easy Peasy.

Today I am spilling the beans and giving you 3 helpful hacks that will lead you down the the path to having a worry-free Save the Date selection process! After just having wadded my way through the Save the Date journey myself, I wanted to pass the little gems along that I learned for future brides to be in case it helps! So here we go…

3 Helpful Hacks for a Stress-Free Save the Date Process

Hack No. 1 | Think BIG my Suite

When you select your Save the Date cards, it might be a a good idea to think bigger than this single announcement. A stationary suite for weddings are a great way to make sure that all of your announcements play together in perfect harmony.

This often includes your Save the Date card, Wedding Announcement, Wedding Invitation, Reception and Direction Cards, RSVP cards and last but not least, thank you cards.

B r e a t h e … Just breathe.

You don’t have to do ALL of them, just pick what makes sense for you and kindly remind yourself that these will more than likely end up in the trash so make them nice, but honey, don’t break the bank.

Oh, and instead of having to guess what goes with what, Minted.com offers complete wedding suites, yep. #problemsolver

Just pick the kind of Save the Date card, or wedding invitation you want and select the ‘complete the suite’ option to see the rest of the designs. Click, click…boom!

Minted.com also has this really awesome concierge service that can do everything from create a digital address book for you to make sure calligraphy inspired addressing gets done without a hitch (well…you know what I mean).

Hack No. 2 | Be Yourselves!!!

Repeat after me…’This is MY wedding’.

One thing I have learned, is that EVERYONE has an opinion, and 9 times out of 10…they are ALL different, so since you know you simply cannot please everyone, just please yourself (and your man/woman #obvi).

So pick your stationary and plan your big day the way YOU want it! Who cares if other people ‘get it’, or think it’s strange that you walk down the aisle wearing a monkey onesie and he is rocking a pink dinosaur onesie…if that is you, do you! You probably won’t be the first person to walk the aisle in a onesie looking like a large lizard. Everyone there loves you both, so embrace your inner weirdo and let those freak flags fly!

No. 3 | Samples, Samples, Samples

Realistically, I hate to say this, but like soul mates – there is probably more than one right choice. That is why Minted.com invented the Sample Pack! You can pick up to 10 save the date cards delivered directly to your door (for FREE) so you can look at and feel the different paper weights, what a foil finish looks like etc. in person! This way when the time comes, you know exactly what you are sending your friends and family before you send it! Save the Date Mantra: No surprises are good surprises.

Getting hitched?! Make sure to check out minted.com for all of their stationary goodies and get your free “Save the Date”sample pack – and take a peek below to shop some of my personal faves!


  1. Launch Party of a Lifetime Wedding Invitation
  2. Gilt Agate Foil Pressed Save the Date Card
  3. Simple Stamp Save the Date Card