I am seriously so excited to share todays post with you! Since a lot of you have been asking me how to take the first step into living a more sustainable life I wanted to share my number one tip. Honestly, one of the biggest things is simply knowing what brands are out there that share the same sustainable values as I do…I was shocked by how many there are! A lot them them are female owned and operated too, which I think is really rad!

Its so easy to fall into the habit of buying things without thinking much about where they came from. So the first step is as simple as taking that extra step to google whatever product you are buying, so you can see if there is a cleaner/greener option. Chances are there is, and its made by a bad ass company that you can be the first to tell all your friends about! 🙂

So today, I am going to help you get started. I am basically turning my house upside down and inside out to share everything from my fave cruelty-free beauty brands and fair trade clothing companies, to must-have essentials that will keep your house looking fabulous (without toxic chemicals). This list will continue to grow so make sure to check back, and don’t be shy! Tell me what your favorite cruelty free and sustainable brands are, I would love to know!


REFORMATION – Fashion Forward pieces made from deadstock and repurposed vintage clothing.

H&M Conscious – The fashion brands eco-conscious line made from organic cotton and recycled materials

Indigenous Clothing – Beautifully crated basics, the company is fair trade, eco-conscious , 100% organic and just plain awesome!

People of Leisure – Ethically sourced off duty essentials, espeically love their vintage T’s so much!

adidas X Wanderlust – I love what adidas is doing in the sustainable space. First their on=going collaboration with Stella McCartney, and now their line with the Wanderlust Festival made from up-cycled materials. Good stuff all the way around.

Awake Watches – Awake just created the most sustainable watch in the world, its solar powered, sleek AF and made from recycled steel and plastic bottles.

Goodwill or your local thrift shop – When you up-cycle, re-purpose, re-use and re-imagine your house hold items and used threads, they take on a new life instead of taking up space in a landfill. Shopping second hand, and donating your used items is such a great way to give back and shop guilt free!


Urban Decay – If you’re a MAC fan, try Urban Decay! The are very similar color and style but Urban Decay is Cruelty Free.

NYX Cosmetics – This is a great option at a lower price point, though you wouldn’t be able to tell. I used NYX all weekend long during Bonanza Music Festival and loved the colors and quality! This is like a cruelty free version of Cover Girl, totally wallet friendly and won’t disappoint especially for the price!

Rosebud Lip Salve – Ultra hydrating and the best kind of chapstick to soothe chapped lips.

Mineral Fusion Makeup – Such a great mineral based line that is cruelty free and has such a fabulous line of natural shades. Try their line if you are a huge Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier fan.

Stowaway Cosmetics – I love that this line is travel sized but still packs a full-size punch. I love the lipstick shades from this line, as well as the BB cream and bronzer they are always in my makeup bag.


Saturday Skin – I am a huge fan of their Rise + Shine Gentle cleanser and their glacier water, both are super amazing on the skin and really effective yet lightweight products that rock my world during summer months.

Herbivore – What started as an obsession with their rose face spray has evolved into an obsession with everything from this line. I love the coco rose body scrub, the lapis facial oil and the pink cloud moisture cream the most right now!

COOLA – I am obsessed with their sunscreen (espeically the Mango Guava and the 50+ SPF for face), their post sun lotion and serum, their firming + self-tanning body lotion, their Day Break primer…you catch my drift.

Volition – This company got me to basically put snail trail on my face in the name of wrinkle fighting. The Helix AM/PM eye gel has become one of my favorite parts of the morning and helps me come back to life no matter how long I was up the night before.

Kopari – Their deodorant and oil-pullers are two of my all-time fave discoveries.


doTĒRRA – I just started using their cleaning products last month after I about died of asphyxiation from bleach. No joke. I’d been wanting to make a switch, but wasn’t sure anything else seemed powerful enough to deep clean things like coffee stains, right?! Wrong.

Thankfully my new cousin-in-law has been using doTĒRRA forever now and swears by it, so she got me to try their On Guard cleanser which is a multi-purpose cleaner that really works. Plus its plant-based, and smells amazing not awful. They also have detergent and hand soap to, I love the spice infused scent. To try their line you need to go through a company rep, mine is Christin Olive, click here to touch base with her.

Seventh Generation – USDA certified bi0-based cleaning products. I love their detergent, but they also make diapers, tampons and a whole slew of other everyday essentials.

The Honest Co. – Founded by Jessica Alba (already a huge plus), this brand is a go-to for new mamas! You can get diapers, cleaning supplies, vitamins, formula, nipple balm (ahhh is that really a thing?) and so much more.