If you have seen my Instagram account lately, you’ll notice that I have been wearing more and more leopard print outfits lately. While a tiny part of it might be due to jealousy caused by my mom paying way too much attention to her kitties…truth is I just love it, and am part of the #leopardisaneutral fan club.

Since I wear a lot of naturals like black, white, denim and well…black, leopard print is such a great way to add a pop of “color”. My closet has seen everything from leopard print pumps, and cross-body bags, to body con dresses and button-up shirts.

That being said, I have honestly been hunting for the perfect leopard print coat for-ev-er. Like, since I saw Kate Moss in the Supreme ad circa 2012 kind of forever. That is why I jumped, or should I say pounced on this one from StyleWe.

I have had another faux fur leopard print coat hanging in my closet for awhile which I picked up at a Goodwill in Arizona, but it is 3/4 sleeves and cropped at the waist so it never really felt right. The thing I like about this option from StyleWe is it is a bit more oversized, like a cozy blanket. It also has pockets and doesn’t just look good, it actually keeps me warm!

I’ve linked the coat below as well as the other pieces I am wearing in the post including my fave new long black pleated skirt I scored on Amazon!


Photography by Julia Witesman

Location: Springville, Utah