Thrifting has been one of my favorite past times since about 2013. My friend dragged me to a Goodwill in Scottsdale Arizona one day and I was horrified by what looked like racks of junk at the time. I was very much a label snob at the time, and didn’t really ‘do vintage’ unless it was designer vintage from somewhere like Vintage by Misty. It wasn’t until I was walking past one of the racks and saw this white and gold striped blazer that reminded me of a Chanel resort collection from the 90’s. I plucked it off the rack and tried it on. The buttons were hideous, but it fit like a glove and when I saw that it was under $10 I decided to go for it.

I ended up loving thrift shopping so much that I could probably count the items I purchased from a full price fashion retail store on one hand. It was glorious and I saved a TON of money…not only that but my closet was PACKED with cute clothes that pretty much no one else had. Why did I stop? I didn’t! I still love to thrift! Today I am sharing a round-up of some of my favorite pieces I’ve discovered thrifting to encourage those of you who might not be convinced that thrifting is for you, to reconsider.



I discovered this vintage Celine belt for $3.99 at my FAVORITE Goodwill EVER! I know that is a bold statement, but if you happen to be lucky enough to visit Scottsdale, AZ – the Goodwill on Scottsdale Road right before the 202 freeway entrance is the mecca when it comes to thrifting. I have found authentic Christian Louboutin’s (for $14) hardly ever worn, a Saga Fur and beyond. No joke – I just don’t have photos of them because I consigned them several years ago. If you are style-savvy – you are ahead of the game because so many thrift stores don’t recognize designer brands unless they are Chanel our Louis Vuitton so the prices are AMAZING!


This Ralph Lauren Blazer is so chic and timeless that it was a no brainer when I found it at…yep, you guessed it – my favorite Goodwill in Arizona. I love a good oversize blazer to throw over cutoff denim shorts and a t-shirt, bring a masculine touch to a feminine look, or just feel like a badass in a business suit. Blazers are one of my favorite things to go thrifting for because they are easy to throw on over your outfit so you don’t have to use the dressing rooms, and you kind find really great options in both the men’s and women’s section. I can’t remember the exact price of this blazer but I know it wasn’t more than $15.


One of my favorite luxury brands is Salvatore Ferragamo (I might be partial because I worked for them) – but I absolutely love their timeless and classic silhouettes, especially when it was in the hands of creative director Massimiliano Giornetti and he revived their classic 70’s vibes. I found this camel crossbody bag at My Sister’s Closet in Arizona, it is vintage and so fabulous. It has the gaucho clasp which is the signature hardware designed by the fashion house and is an iconic part of the brand. Buying designer vintage bags can be such a great way to buy higher ticket items at a significantly lower price point.


Whenever I hit the road, one of my all-time favorite places to go shopping is the local thrift stores. People have such different taste from place to place so it is a really great way to bring home a souvenir you will actually use! I found this Alé by Alejandra Romper with the tags still on it at the Palm Desert Goodwill while I was out there last fall. It retails for over $100 and I bought it brand new for under $10!


Not all second hands find have to break the bank! I LOVE trying new trends, but rather then going to Forever 21 to by them, I like to seek out their second-hand sister! I have found that going thrifting to try trends on for size leads to me filling my closet with better quality garments overall. Especially with trends being so cyclical, it doesn’t matter if its sequins or leopard print – odds are you will find unique pieces that are spot on.


This coat was one of my favorite coats I have ever owned! I love the fluffy statement collar and sleeves and the color and shape couldn’t get more classic. This was another discovery at my favorite Goodwill in Scottsdale, and it was $12. Worth every penny. If you don’t own a camel coat, I highly recommend getting one. It is such a rich color that it instantly elevates any look (even a Canadian Tux).


One of my favorite places to buy and sell clothes around the United States is Buffalo Exchange. They don’t have them in every state, but I find that their buyers have such a good eye regardless of what state I find one in. I just so happened to be in an add to cart mood the day I discovered this Zac Posen cardigan for $30 while I was waiting for their buyers to go through my clothing I was selling. I am normally not a huge cardigan fan because they feel to preppy for my taste, but this embellished version with angel wings and such a cool intricate pattern was a must have.