Spring is my new favorite season, because here in Utah…it actually matters. For the last decade, I lived in Scottsdale, and then San Diego, where it is basically one temperature year round and snow is foreign concept.

As the cherry blossoms bloom and the temperatures rise (John and I actually had a picnic today), I’ll be the first to admit I have a major case of Spring fever, and as a result have started infusing some unexpected colors into my wardrobe. Its a great way to remind myself that as much as I hate snow (and love black), I’m not dead yet so I may as well live a little.

In fact, one of my favorite new outfits includes some pieces that are way out of the norm for me. It started with a pair of striped floral palazzo pants, which led to a bright yellow crop top that John (yes, my fiancee John) picked out. After that the colors just kept on coming! The best part?! Nothing I bought was over $50!

Looking to spruce your own wardrobe up with out breaking the bank?! I’ve go you bae! Check out my personal faves, you can shop them all via the lookbook below!